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17-04-2016: - Added maps with locations of NPCs and monsters.
01-04-2016: - Database updated up to the current version of the game.
26-10-2015: - Database updated up to the latest version of the game (English CBT2).
09-09-2015: - Added Skills section.
30-08-2015: - Added Attributes section.
- Added Jobs section.
- Added quest NPCs into NPCs list.
- Added lists of quests for each quest NPC.
- Added start/end NPCs into quest's descriptions.
- Added missed icons for costumes.
16-08-2015: - Added Achievements section.
- Added drop chance column to the drop lists.
- Added quick filters for NPCs.
14-08-2015: - Added Quests sections.
- Added more stats to NPCs lists and pages.
09-08-2015: - Added Gathering and Craft sections.
01-08-2015: - Site launch.
Welcome to our database! This site is dedicated to the upcoming MMO RPG called Tree of Savior. This game is made by the makers of famous Ragnarok Online and soon will be released worldwide via Steam.
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